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Positive Displacement Flow Meter, Turbine Flowmeter & Flow Calibration Specialists

Phoenix Flow Measurement has been an established name in the area of flow measurement for over 20 years and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Acting as sole UK agents and distributors for the FTI Flow Technology ranges of precision turbine flowmeters, industrial turbine flowmeters and positive displacement flowmeters, together with the Max Machinery range of low flow/wide range positive displacement flowmeters, Phoenix have developed strong links in aerospace test stand, hydraulic test stand, engine test and sub-sea applications.

Turbines are capable of 100:1 turndowns, Positive Displacement meters up to 2,000:1 turndowns with the capability of measuring extremely high viscosities.

Industrial Technology

The range is complemented by the Badgermeter range of general industrial flowmeters, including general purpose positive displacement flowmeters and the Magnetoflow Electromagnetic flowmeters.

Flow Calibration and Service

All precision turbine and positive displacement flowmeters carry flow calibration certification traceable to national standards. Phoenix Flow also offer a flow calibration and meter repair service for virtually any type of industrial flowmeter, and provide a periodic reminder when an instrument is due for flow calibration.

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