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An area of expertise for Phoenix and a core of our business. We have supplied major airlines and manufacturers with flowmeters since we started over 20 years ago. Our calibration service is well documented and in accordance with ANSI/SCSL and MIL Standards.

We are very familiar with the fuels, hydraulics, lubricants and Mil-spec fluids used in aerospace and the technologies used by the industry.

Phoenix has many hundreds of flow meters installed on ground based test systems, and has also supplied flow meters for use on board aircraft (in-flight), both civil and military.

In addition we have designed built, tested and commissioned complete test stands for the aerospace industry.

Typical Services to the aerospace industry include:

  • Supply of flowmeters and compensating electronic displays to test stand manufacturers, engine/ component manufacturers and end users.
  • Calibration of flowmeters (any manufacturer) traceable to national standards and in accordance with aviation industry procedures.
  • Design, supply and commission of portable and permanent component test stands.
  • Supply of flow systems for on board use (where regulations, Tso's and approvals permit.)