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Flow computer

The ‘Multiflow’ range of flow computers are available with a wide choice of features. Each one is custom built within a standard double din enclosure, combining standard cards to give an enormous range of possibilities.

  • Multiple flowmeter inputs – all with minimum 20 point linearisation.
  • Choice of input types – pulse, sine-wave, analogue and more.
  • Temperature and/or pressure indication and compensation for viscosity and density to give both volumetric and mass flow displays of rate and total.
  • Choice of outputs, interfaces and alarm contacts – hi and low.
  • User friendly programming.
  • Automatic valve control to divert flow through the appropriately sized meter in manifold systems.
  • Batch control.

In addition we offer the ‘Lin’ Linearising signal conditioner boards, with or without housing – delivering pulse and analogue outputs proportional to flow, linearised, scaled, optional temperature compensation and easily user programmable. Having fast response of less than 5mS ensures close to real time updating for dynamic system measurements.

All units are extremely flexible, offer a great deal of potential, are built to the highest quality (tested to on-board aircraft standards) and are available at affordable prices.

-If you don’t need all the features why pay for them?

-If you later decide that you need extra features, these can be retro-fitted.