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Oil and Gas

For over 20 years Phoenix Flow Measurement and Flow Technology have supplied submersible precision flowmeters to meet the stringent demands of the Oil and Gas industry worldwide. As the demands of the industry have increased; higher pressures, greater depths, added features; we have risen to meet the resultant engineering challenges and have a proven track records in the most extreme conditions.

Typical applications include:

Well Injection

From Methanol to High Viscosity Concentrated Inhibitors the Flow Technology Range of Positive Displacement flowmeters has combined wide measurement ranges with high pressure and shock resistant capabilities.

Valve Actuation

Both on Topside and Sub-Sea applications the surges and ebbs in flow of hydraulic control fluids have been monitored for years. The precision and reliability of the meters has provided the users with a detailed picture of the status of valve operations even close to the well head.

Blowout Prevention

Shock resistant turbine meters are used Sub-Sea to monitor valve actuation during the operation of Blowout Preventers (BOPs).

Other Applications & Features

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Support Vessels, Hydraulic Power Systems (HPU's, LPU's). High Shock designs, Chemically Resistant Variants, Direct Manifold Mount Designs, Customised Packages to suit end-users’ space requirements.

Marine diesel monitoring systems with ship to shore telemetry.