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Flowmeter Calibration and Service

  • Multi viscosity calibration
  • Electronics programming
  • Same day express service

Flowmeters should be calibrated on a basis appropriate to the conditions of their operating environment. Many types are sensitive to the viscosity of the operating fluid, some deliver unusual outputs, others have control mechanisms built into their outputs or displays.

We offer a fast, cost effective flowmeter calibration service, fully detailed, traceable and accredited to internationally recognised standards and compliant with ISO quality assurance standards.

In addition we are able to repair many types of flowmeter regardless of manufacturer.

Following service or calibration, you will be reminded in advance of the requirement for re-calibration at intervals which will be appropriate to the type of flowmeter and the requirements of your own quality system. A record of your flowmeters performance is maintained and curves produced to illustrate any shifts in calibration, which can be a sign of flowmeter deterioration, and may serve as an advance warning of potential failures.

We are also able to offer precise flow calibration and record keeping systems, from Secondary standard Flow Transfer Systems using one or more mater meters to Primary standard, self-enclosed flow calibrators. All manufactured to the highest quality procedures and traceable to national standards.