sLIN/AMP amplifier box

The sLIN or sAMP is a low cost minature amplifier for magnetic or RF signals with optional linearization. This is particularly suitable for use with turbine flowmeters with a magnetic or RF output. This truly provides a value for money solution for a range of different output requirements. Most importantly, linearization can enable a non-linear flowmeter to obtain much higher accuracy by calibrating it over the full repeatable range.

Standard features include:

  • Magnetic, RF or NPN input
  • 0-4kHz Frequency input
  • 0-4kHz Frequency output
  • 9-30Vdc Power input
  • 5V Square wave, NPN, PNP or pull-up/down output
sLIN/AMP amplifier PCB

Thus the outputs are selectable via PCB jumpers.

In addition, optional configuration can be specified as follows:

sLIN65 amplifier mounted onto a turbine flowmeter

Specifically, the amplifier can be configured to output either frequency or 0-10V linearized signal.

The sLIN65 can also be mounted directly on to the top of a flowmeter if desired, which can be very useful for many applications. Otherwise, it can be connected remotely via a cable.

Amplifier Enclosure: HAMMOND 1550Z104BK IP65
Cable Glands: M12 IP68
PCB Screw In terminals: 2 x (4 way)