Calibration Rig Interface Box showing RTD & Flowmeter Inputs

The Calibration Rig Control Unit is a secondary standard Flow Transfer System, which relies on accurate master meters to compare against the flowmeter under test. It can be used for many types of flowmeters, including turbine, magnetic, coriolis, piston, ultrasonic, vortex, variable area, thermal mass, etc.

The in-line calibration uses the actual process liquid or gas. The Calibration Rig Control Unit consists of a portable interface box which records the flow, temperature and pressure inputs from the flowmeter under test and the master flowmeter. The interface board communicates with the laptop or computer on which the flow calibration software is run.

Calibration Rig Interface Box showing Analogue inputs

The calibration settings are configured on the computer to select the desired parameters, and calibration files can be stored in pdf format for traceability to national and international standards depending on the standards of the master meters used.

This PC based system enables accuracy and stability for a reasonably low cost, using advanced flow calculation algorithms and compensation techniques such as density and viscosity correction. It is fully configurable, and customer specific development is also possible for additional functionality if required.