PicoLIN pickoff is our latest innovation in the field of flow measurement.

Tiniest pickoff sensor that incorporates RF amplification, linearisation, temperature sensor and an optional 4-20mA loop powered output, with an integrated industrial M12 connector. The PicoLIN pickoff includes the following features as shown below:Pickoff sensor RF amplifed linearised

  • Withstands temperatures up to 125°C. For higher temperatures this can be supplied in a remote enclosure.
  • Body made of 316 SS for optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Frequency version: Push Pull output, which can be supplied as PNP or NPN.
  • Analogue version: 4-20mA loop powered output
  • Can be supplied as amplifier only (4 pin M12 connector)
  • For linearised output, 5 pin M12 connector is supplied: 2 pins for power, 1 pin for comms, 1 pin for output and 1 pin for temperature output (0-5V)
  • 20mm in diameter and 55mm tall including the thread and connector
  • Can be supplied with 11/16-24 or 5/8-18 threads.