The LMX Pelton Wheel flowmeters are inline flowmeters with integral flow straighteners, such as provide a pulse output which is linear to the flow. These affordable flowmeters can be used with very low flow rates, and PTFE or FPM seals enable the meters to handle water based and aggresive fluids.

The ring assembly is normally 316 stainless steel with sapphire cups. The turbine rotor is usually plastic (PFA) with sapphire bearing balls. The rotor is equipped with ferrites which are sensed by a coil producing a linear pulse output in relation to flow rate. Moreover, Titanium can be used instead of stainless steel. Most importantly, all rotors are sealed to prevent chemical attack to the ferrites.

LMX flowmeters are supplied with a 5m cable connected to the meter via a 4 pin M12 socket. Additionally, a flow rate display or totaliser can be provided if required. Accuracy is ±2.0% of actual reading for 10 – 100% of range, coupled with repeatability being ±0.2% of actual reading for 10 – 100% of range.

LMX Pelton Wheel flowmeter with PicoLIN mini pickoff

Flow rate ranges from 0.004 LPM to 65 LPM depending on model as follows:

  • 0.004 to 0.060 litres per minute (LMX.003)
  • 0.006 to 0.100 litres per minute (LMX.005)
  • 0.01 to 0.25 litres per minute (LMX.01)
  • 0.02 to 1.3 litres per minute (LMX.05)
  • 0.03 to 4.3 litres per minute (LMX.24)
  • 0.04 to 6.3 litres per minute (LMX.45)
  • 0.06 to 8 litres per minute (LMX.48)
  • 0.08 to 15 litres per minute (LMX.90)
  • 0.1 to 28 litres per minute (LMX.220)
  • 1 to 65 litres per minute (MMX.12.5)