Max Machinery‘s range of Piston Flowmeters has now added a low flow water meter that can measure water and other non-lubricating fluid at very low or intermittent flows.

The Max Machinery P234 piston flowmeter measures liquid water, chemicals and aqueous based fluid flows with high accuracy and precision. Moreover the meter is not affected by changes in the fluid viscosity or flow profile. It can accurately measure pulsating flow streams without over reporting.

Max P234 Low Flow Water Meter

The P234 water meter is compatible with, for example, deionized water, Reverse Osmosis antiscalants, defoamers, anti-corrosives, antiseptics, sterilization chemicals and many more. The low flow aqueous meter can handle flow ranges from 1 cc/min to 2000 cc/min. Furthermore, it is accurate to ±0.4% of reading with 100:1 turndown ranges. The P234 operates in a pH range of 4 to 12, and so is ideal for accurate dosing and injection measurement of chemical additives. Applications include petrochemical, waste water, aluminium, plastics cosmetics, facial tissue, and many more.

High accuracy measurement is achieved by precision machined radial pistons that move proportional to the flow. The speed and direction of the pistons determines the output signal at high resolution. The meter is resistant to water, dust and most corrosive liquids, depending on the seal material chosen. It is also able to withstand a fluid temperature of up to 90°C.

MEKP Measurement

The P234MEKP variant is specifically suitable for use with methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and similar chemicals. The use of different wetted materials enables this to withstand such aggressive chemicals. The flow range for the MEKP model is from 1 cc/min up to 500 cc/min.