The PFD900 is our most advanced Display flow computer and as far we are aware there is nothing on the market that beats it in terms of configuration and its’ features.

The standard enclosure can be panel mounted, with cutout dimensions 144 x 72mm, or it can be available in a custom enclosure.

Basic Flow Computer

The base version offers the following features:

  • Single frequency input, pulse, RF, Magnetic or reedswitch
  • TTL linearized frequency output 0-4.8 kHz, assignable to any of the internal variables
  • USB interface for programming and PC datalogging
  • On board datalogging, up to 64,000 samples with configurable time period
  • 4 front touch buttons for display scrolling, function menu and enter
  • Dual front LEDs, one to indicate flow pulses being received and the second LED for configurable alarms
  • 20 point flow curve linearization
  • Storage for up to 6 selectable unique flow curves (for using the display with different flow meters or different fluids)
  • Also storage for up to 5 selectable temperature viscosity curves for temperature viscosity compensation
  • Similarly storage for up to 5 selectable temperature density curves for mass calculations
  • 9-36VDC power input
  • 2 line 20 character backlit configurable display with 2 lines shown at any one time. You can store up to 10 lines in memory and view them by scrolling.
  • The user can configure each character of each line (10 scrollable lines). You are able to select a constant character (i.e. units, location, unique ID, re-calibration date, pinout information, instructions etc), or choose from the list of over 50 variables internally calculated by the PFD900. Furthermore you can construct each variable, hence the number of digits and decimal point location is fully specified by the user.
  • 5 mathematics operation variables are available, so enabling the user to create complex formulas.
  • Bootloader for in-field firmware updates or customer specific software requests
Display Flow Computer showing flow, viscosity & temperature readings
Display Flow Computer
Customizeable Display Variables
Display Fields

Extra Options

In addition, the base model can be expanded with the following:

  • Second frequency input (Voltage Pulse only) for dual flowmeter linearizations (or bi-directional/dual rotor applications)
  • A+B, A-B or any other mathematical functions using any inputs
  • up to 2x 16 bit Analogue inputs, 0-10V or 4-20mA for temperature, pressure, viscosity, density or any other custom analogue input
  • PT100 RTD for temperature input
  • Viscosity compensation and temperature-density mass calculations using temperature input through PT100 RTD or either of the analogue inputs
  • 2x 20 bit Analogue Outputs, 0-10V or 4-20mA.  You can assign these to any internal variable from a choice of over 50.
  • Standard off the shelf 230VAC to 12V converter for using the PFD900 with mains supply.
  • 2X relay outputs, assignable to trigger by any variable at custom low and/or high levels

Alarm Options

These are available for each variable so that the alarm can be set to be triggered by any of the selected events

PFD900 Display Flow Computer Event Triggering

Variable List
Mathematical Operations
Mathematical Operations